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Vanilla is a very light shade of orange. It has a soft, warm peach tone, reminiscent of apricot or a light coral. This color is quite pale and subtle, conveying a sense of softness and warmth.

Meet "Vanilla" - not just any bland flavor, but a color corrector that's about to become your secret weapon in the battle against unwanted tones. Vanilla is the creamy dream you didn't know you needed, until now.

Crafted by the innovators at Quantum PMU Colors, Vanilla isn't just another pigment in the pot; it's your new best friend in achieving flawless, natural-looking corrections. Why settle for less when you can vanilla-ize your canvas and turn those "oops" into "wows"?

Worried about the nasties? Don't be! Vanilla comes to you as a REACH Compliant color, ensuring that your art not only looks good but also does good. We're talking about a guilt-free, eco-friendly formula that loves your skin as much as you do. With Quantum PMU Colors, you're not just making a statement; you're making a difference.

So, whether you're correcting a faded brow, adding a dash of warmth, or crafting the perfect lip blend, Vanilla has got your back. It's time to say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless possibilities.

Join the Quantum PMU Colors revolution and let Vanilla transform your PMU game. After all, in a world full of colors, be Vanilla - cheeky, versatile, and unapologetically perfect.

*Keep in mind that individual perceptions of color may vary based on factors such as screen calibration and lighting conditions.