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Can I save money by purchasing sets instead of individual bottles?

Yes! You can save a total of € 5.00 when you buy any of our 6-color customizable color sets. You can shop our line of customizable lip, eyebrow, and scalp multiple-color sets here: Color Sets | PMU | Cosmetic Pigments | European countries (quantumpmucolors.eu) You can save a total of € 10.00 when you buy any of our 10-color customizable color sets.

For eyebrow color sets, can I select from any color?

For our 6-Color customizable eyebrow color set, you can choose any of our 10 eyebrow colors.

Can you recommend a thinning solution for Quantum Cosmetic and SMP pigments?

Yes! For best results, we recommend using our Mixing Solution available on our site.

It is a clear, slightly viscous liquid designed to thin out Quantum cosmetic and paramedical pigments.

Can you offer tips on how to take care of my fresh cosmetic tattoo?

Yes. For that, you can use Quantum PMU Aftercare. It is made from organic ingredients, including olive oil, rose hips, calendula, yarrow, cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, and beeswax.

We also recommend using a moisturizer. Fortunately, Quantum PMU Aftercare also acts as a skin moisturizer.

How can I become a distributor of Quantum cosmetic micro pigments in my country?

Quantum Cosmetics is open to establishing a relationship with any qualified distributor around the world!

Please fill out this form completely. We will send you feedback as soon as we receive the required information.

How long does scalp micro pigmentation last?

When done correctly and with the highest-quality scalp micropigmentation inks, scalp micropigmentation can last between 4 to 6 years before requiring touch-ups.
You can use deep black for the best results, which will not fade to blue, unlike other black micropigments. Moreover, the deep black color will last longer than other colors.

Which eyebrow and eyeliner colors are available for sale in Europe?

As of April 12, 2022. The Brown Black REACH Platinum label and Black REACH Platinum label PMU Inks are available in Europe.
The mixing solution for sale on our site is also REACH-compliant.
Keep an eye out for more PMU inks as we are working on satisfying the requirements of the new REACH regulations for more of our micropigmentation inks.

Is there updated Material and Safety Data Sheets for REACH-Compliant PMU Inks?

Yes. To satisfy the stringent requirements of the new REACH regulations that were placed into effect in January 2022, Quantum Tattoo Ink will have to register the formula for each PMU ink.
Aside from maintaining our transparency policy on the ingredients we use in each of our inks (for both PMU and Tattoo Inks), we also share the updated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each of products.
The MSDS for each ink is written in 27 languages and can be accessed here.

What is the difference between microfeathering and microblading for permanent eyebrows?

Microfeathering is a technique in which small hair-like incisions are created on the skin, and ink is placed into the incisions. Microfeathering works well if the client has an existing hair pattern they need to augment.
Microfeathering improves the shape and appearance of existing eyebrows but is not applicable for people who suffer from hair loss issues such as alopecia.
Microblading, on the other hand, can create a new hair pattern for people who have either sparse or no eyebrows at all.

Are the regulations in Europe the same for classic tattooing and permanent makeup?

Yes. In Europe, the regulations covering tattoos and permanent makeup are the same.
Consequently, the micropigmentation inks meant for PMU need to conform with EU REACH regulations. For this purpose we have developed our Quantum Platinum label which consist of completely EU REACH Compliant Cosmetic Pigments.