Permanent Eyeliner Pigments

How does your eyeliner pigment color fade over time? 

The pigment color will gradually fade as the skin naturally exfoliates. It is vital to schedule touch-up appointments to maintain the shape and color of the eyeliner. With the high pigment concentration of Quantum permanent pigments, you will have one of the longest-lasting colors on the market. Moreover, these eyeliner pigment colors are also excellent for paramedical tattooing applications.

Can Quantum permanent eyeliner colors be used for microblading, microshading, or other eyebrow tattooing techniques? 

Yes, Quantum permanent eyeliner colors can be used for various eyebrow tattooing techniques, including microblading, microshading, and other similar methods. Each Quantum eyebrow permanent color is proven effective for use in any machine for each method.


Can your permanent eyeliner colors be customized to achieve unique shades for specific clients?

Yes. Our permanent eyeliner colors and paramedical pigments can stand on their own or be blended with other permanent eyeliner or eyebrow colors to create the perfect shade for your clients.



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  • Mercury - Platinum Label (15ml) Mercury - Platinum Label (15ml)

    Mercury 15ml - Platinum Label

    If you love our Quantum Original Dark Chocolate cosmetic pigment and need a similar EU REACH Compliant alternative, try our Platinum Label eyeliner pigment, Mercury. Mercury is mainly used for cosmetic tattooing and is a great choice for an eyebrow...

  • Reeves - Platinum Label tattoo ink Reeves - Platinum Label tattoo ink

    Reeves 15ml - Platinum Label

    It works perfectly as either an eyebrow or eyeliner pigment on its own or blended with any of our other pigments to create the perfect shade. The rich and long-lasting permanent eyeliner colors you have come to trust are now REACH Compliant! To ensure...

  • Winehouse - Platinum Label tattoo ink Winehouse - Platinum Label tattoo ink

    Winehouse 15ml - Platinum Label

    Winehouse is our REACH Compliant black all-purpose pure carbon permanent eyeliner makeup. This all-purpose pure carbon eyeliner pigment can be added to any cosmetic or paramedical pigment or used on its own. The rich and long-lasting pigments you have...

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