How Does Quantum Sterilize Their Permanent Makeup Pigments

How Does Quantum Sterilize Their Permanent Makeup Pigments

Oct 18th 2023

Gamma radiation, or gamma rays, emerge as the ultimate sanitizers, penetrating deep into products to annihilate microscopic invaders, including bacteria. Picture it as an incredibly efficient deep-cleansing regimen for various items. What sets gamma rays apart is their ability to do this without warming up the product or leaving any traces; they don't even induce radioactivity. Gamma radiation has been a trusted method of sterilizing various products, including surgical equipment, food, cosmetics, and even viscous substances like PMU pigments.

In a strategic alliance, Quantum PMU Colors collaborates with a renowned sterilization expert, harnessing the potent power of gamma rays. After a meticulous cleaning session, Quantum obtains a certification that serves as a seal of approval, ensuring the ink's cleanliness and sterility. Each ink bottle is uniquely marked with a batch number, enhancing transparency about its origin.

But Quantum's commitment to purity goes further. Every ink product undergoes rigorous testingto ensure that there aren’t any lurking microorganisms. Choosing a Quantum pigment means choosing the pinnacle of purity – no residues, no radioactivity, just pure, safe ink you can rely on.

Ready for the Purest Ink Experience With Quantum PMU?

Elevate your standards with Quantum PMU pigments and embrace the confidence of absolute cleanliness. Choose from our range of safe and sterile PMU pigments, including lip pigments, eyebrow pigments, permanent eyeliner colors, scalp micro pigments, color correctors, and more. Give your canvas the quality it deserves. Explore the pinnacle of purity – the safest ink is here, waiting for you. Dive in and leave your mark with Quantum PMU Colors today!