Gray Scalp Micro Pigment

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Our scalp micro pigments can be used on their own or blended with one another to create the perfect shade for each individual.

Gray Scalp Micro Pigment is a soft ash gray pigment with golden undertones intended for hair follicle simulation tattooing.

For complementing pigment colors, choose B & G Scalp Micro Pigment,Black Scalp Micro PigmentBlack Brown Scalp Micro PigmentLight Brown Scalp Micro PigmentBlack, or White.

We at Quantum Cosmetic Inks, pride ourselves on the quality of our permanent makeup inks. Our inks have always had the best quality ingredients. Not all brands out there are organic or vegan-friendly, but Quantum tattoo inks are!

With a very high natural pigment concentration, you can painlessly and beautifully create stunning lips, customized eyeliner, micro hair-stroke-enhanced eyebrows, beauty marks, and more for your clients. You can also use our inks for paramedical tattooing such as areola-nipple restoration, scars cover, and camouflage.

Your work will last longer and will be safer for your clients!

Our cosmetic inks in a few words:

  • Suitable for any skin type and color
  • Can be used for both cosmetic and paramedical purposes
  • Vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free
  • Heals fast and stays vibrant
  • High-quality ingredients.  Ingredient List  
  • Non-acrylic water-based pigment
  • None of our pigments EVER come from animals
  • Highest level of sterility
  • Meets the high EU standards for tattoo colorants

Are Quantum PMU's scalp micro pigment inks suitable for all skin types and tones?

Yes, our scalp micropigmentation inks are carefully crafted to work effectively on various skin types and tones. We offer a range of pigment shades that can be customized to match the unique characteristics of each client.