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Our Platinum Label REACH Compliant Cream is your secret weapon for neutralizing those pesky imperfections. Say adios to unwanted hues and hello to a flawless canvas. It's the ultimate color-correction game-changer – bring on the perfection!

Our Cream is a light, neutral shade that can be used for various purposes depending on the specific procedure. For Eyebrows Cream can be used to microblade or shade to create a natural-looking eyebrow color. When matched with the client's skin tone and hair color it can have a subtle and flattering effect. When used with an Eyeliner procedure, Cream can be used to achieve a soft and natural look. It can also be applied to the lash line to enhance the eyes without the appearance of traditional eyeliner. When used during a Lip procedure, Cream can help to create a base color that complements the natural lip tone. This can be especially useful for achieving a more natural and subdued result.

Cream is a flesh tone pigment used to camouflage or correct minor imperfections or mistakes. Choose our Platinum Label Cream color corrector for an EU REACH Compliant version of Quantum Original Cream color corrector.

Our color correctors are not intended to be used alone and should be used in combination with other Quantum pigments

Quantum PMU Platinum Label Pigments are proudly formulated under the rigorous EU REACH standards, assuring safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. You can use it with confidence, knowing that you're using a product that meets the highest regulatory standards.