Quantum PMU Mixing and Matching Guide for Customized Brows and Lips

Quantum PMU Mixing and Matching Guide for Customized Brows and Lips

Dec 15th 2023

As Permanent Makeup (PMU) continues redefining beauty standards, customization has become a hallmark for PMU artists seeking to deliver perfection tailored to individual clients. In this guide, we explore Quantum PMU’s REACH-Compliant Platinum Label products, focusing on the mixing and matching techniques that elevate brows and lips to customized perfection.

As a guide to this article, we will share links to our color charts as a reference.

Understanding the Fitzpatrick Scale

The Fitzpatrick Scale, developed by Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick in 1975, is a pivotal classification system that aids in categorizing human skin types based on their unique responses to sun exposure. This system considers factors like skin tone, sensitivity to UV radiation, and the propensity to burn or tan. The scale is divided into distinct types, offering valuable insights into how different skin types interact with sunlight.

Fitzpatrick Type I:

  • Skin Color: Very fair or pale.
  • Reaction to Sun Exposure: Always burns and never tans.
  • Characteristics: Often characterized by freckles and may possess red or blonde hair. Individuals with this skin type are susceptible to UV radiation and at the highest risk of sunburn and skin damage.

Fitzpatrick Type II:

  • Skin Color: Fair.
  • Reaction to Sun Exposure: Burns easily and tans minimally.
  • Characteristics: Typically exhibits light hair and light eyes. Similar to Type I, individuals of this type are sensitive to UV radiation and require diligent sun protection to minimize the risk of sunburn and skin damage.

Fitzpatrick Type III:

  • Skin Color: Fair to light brown.
  • Reaction to Sun Exposure: Burns moderately and tans gradually.
  • Characteristics: Often displays a mix of light and darker features. While tanning is possible, individuals of this type can still experience sunburn, necessitating a cautious approach to sun exposure and protection.

Fitzpatrick Type IV:

  • Skin Color: Light to medium brown.
  • Reaction to Sun Exposure: Burns minimally and tans easily.
  • Characteristics: Typically boasts olive or light brown skin that responds well to tanning with sun exposure. Individuals of this type are less prone to sunburn than the preceding types.

Fitzpatrick Type V:

  • Skin Color: Medium to dark brown.
  • Reaction to Sun Exposure: Rarely burns and tans very easily.
  • Characteristics: People with this skin type usually have darker brown skin that seldom burns. Their skin almost always tans.

Understanding one's Fitzpatrick type is crucial to understanding how Quantum PMU products can mix and match to get the perfect results for your clients.

Quantum PMU Brows Palette



Witherspoon is a versatile, ash-based brown designed for individuals with warm skin undertones. This shade is particularly effective in neutralizing existing pink or orange eyebrows, offering a natural and harmonious look. It can also be expertly blended with Jackman for added versatility, providing PMU artists with a broad spectrum of customizable shades to suit each client's unique preferences.


Jackman, an ash brown with a brown-green base, caters to clients with warm skin undertones. This shade is adept at neutralizing pink or purple eyebrows and can also be seamlessly mixed with Witherspoon to achieve a personalized color profile. PMU artists can harness the power of blending to create bespoke looks that enhance the client's natural beauty.



Jolie, a deep, rich dark brown, is the go-to choice for individuals with cool skin undertones. Its depth and richness contribute to a bold and defined appearance, making it an essential component in the PMU artist's toolkit for crafting customized brows that stand out while harmonizing with the client's unique features.


Momoa, a dark ash brown with a green base, serves individuals with warm skin undertones. Beyond its primary use, which includes neutralizing pink or purple eyebrows, this shade adds a touch of sophistication to the brows. Skilled artists can blend Momoa with other Quantum PMU shades to create a customized palette that caters specifically to the client's desires.


Leia, a warm-based dark brown, is crafted for those with cool skin undertones. This shade introduces warmth and depth to the brows, contributing to a natural yet refined look. Through meticulous blending and matching, PMU artists can ensure that Leia becomes an integral part of their customization repertoire.


Mendes, tailored for clients with red hair and cool skin undertones, offers a unique solution for a distinct demographic. For clients with warm skin undertones, blending a touch of Witherspoon or Jackman proves transformative. Moreover, Mendes plays a crucial role in neutralizing existing blue, gray, or green eyebrows, showcasing the versatility required for customized PMU perfection.


Longoria, a deep, rich, neutral dark brown, embodies timeless elegance. This shade is a foundational element in the PMU artist's toolkit, providing a classic option for those seeking a sophisticated and enduring brow appearance.


Mercury, a very dark, rich brown, holds the potential for multifaceted applications. By incorporating Mendes or Butterscotch color corrector, PMU artists can prevent undesired blue tones, making it an excellent choice for eyeliner application. The careful blending of shades ensures a flawless and customized result.


Reeves, a black-brown shade, offers intensity and depth. Artists can blend it with Mendes or Butterscotch color correctors to prevent unwanted blue undertones. This shade extends beyond eyebrows and proves to be an excellent choice for eyeliner, delivering a bold and defined aesthetic.

Quantum PMU Lips Palette


Hepburn, a dusty rose color, is a versatile choice for lips and areola. Its natural pastel pink hue adds a touch of sophistication to lip color, providing clients with a subtle and timeless appearance.


Johansson, a natural, neutral, soft color, is a foundation for various lip color variations. PMU artists can add Hathaway or Monroe to achieve a rosier pinkish lip color, showcasing the adaptability of this shade in the customization process.


Zendaya, a dusty rose color, offers a nuanced option for lip enhancement. By adding Hathaway or Monroe, PMU artists can elevate the color, providing clients with a customized lip shade that perfectly complements their individual style.


Streep, a soft rose color, introduces depth and warmth to lip color. Blending with Hathaway or Monroe allows artists to tailor the intensity, ensuring a personalized result that aligns with the client's aesthetic preferences.


Olsen, an earthy, rose-red color, offers a rich and distinctive option for customized lip color. By blending with Hathaway or Monroe, PMU artists can deepen the color, creating a bespoke look that resonates with the client's unique style.


Quantum PMU Lips Palette

Ellewood, a pastel pink, provides a subtle and delicate option for those seeking a soft lip appearance. Its versatility allows PMU artists to adapt and customize lip color based on individual preferences.


Barbie, a dark pink shade, opens the door to bold and vibrant lip options. By mixing with Hathaway or Monroe, artists can achieve a spectrum of shades, ranging from subtle to striking, demonstrating the transformative power of customization.


Swift, an orange-based red, serves dual purposes by neutralizing brown or purple lip tones. Adding Streep or Zendaya introduces a softer look, showcasing the adaptability of this shade in achieving customized lip perfection.


Hathaway, a coral pink, is a vibrant base for customized lip color. By adding Zendaya or Streep, artists can tailor the hue to suit individual preferences, highlighting the importance of customization in achieving the desired lip aesthetic.


Monroe, a rich red mix, opens avenues for bold lip choices. Adding Swift to neutralize blue shades showcases the intricate customization process, allowing PMU artists to deliver a tailored and flawless result.


Watson, a deep red color, serves as a bold and classic choice for customized lip color. Adding Swift to neutralize blue shades ensures a seamless and personalized outcome, highlighting the artist's commitment to perfection.


Selena, a red-brown color, offers a warm and distinctive option for customized lip color. Blending with Swift provides an effective means to neutralize blue shades while incorporating Hepburn or Streep softens the look, presenting clients with a nuanced and individualized appearance.


Boop, a dark magenta red, delivers a bold and striking lip option. By adding Streep to soften or Hathaway or Swift for increased intensity, PMU artists can showcase the transformative possibilities of customization in achieving unique and personalized lip aesthetics.

Miss Rabbit:

Miss Rabbit, a deep red color, exemplifies richness and depth. By mixing with Swift to neutralize blue shades, artists can ensure a flawless and customized result, demonstrating the meticulous process of achieving perfection in lip customization.


Octavia, a red-brown pigment, provides a nuanced option for customized lip color. By blending with Swift or Monroe to neutralize blue shades in the pigment, PMU artists can create a bespoke look that reflects individual style and beauty preferences.

Elevate Your Artistry With Quantum PMU Europe

Quantum PMU's REACH-Compliant Platinum Label offers a versatile palette for PMU artists seeking to customize brows and lips with precision. By mastering the art of mixing and matching, artists can unlock a world of possibilities, providing clients with tailor-made, long-lasting beauty solutions.

Transform your PMU artistry with Quantum PMU's REACH-Compliant Platinum Label, designed to revolutionize the way you approach customized brows and lips with ultra-safe vegan permanent makeup pigments. Our Mixing and Matching Guide unveils the secrets behind achieving perfection tailored to individual clients.