How To Choose the Best Scalp Pigments in Europe

How To Choose the Best Scalp Pigments in Europe

May 2nd 2023

Best Scalp Pigments in Europe

Best Scalp Pigments

While male pattern baldness exists around the world, the three countries with the most male baldness are all in Europe. The Czeck Republic, Spain, and Germany are numbers one, two, two and three respectively. Men throughout Europe are looking for a solution to achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker hair, sometimes paying upwards of £30,000 for surgical hair grafts.

Scalp micro pigmentation offers men a more cost effective option that avoids the risks associated with surgical hair restoration. Because of this demand, there are a plethora of micro scalp pigmentation brands on the market today. But how do EU scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) artists and clinics ensure that their clients get outstanding results, safely?

Understanding how to choose the best pigments in Europe will ensure that your micro scalp pigmentation clients walk away from their experience happy and healthy.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation Is Different From Tattooing

Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Although SMP is often referred to as a “hair tattoo,” traditional tattoos are very different from scalp micropigmentation and other PMU methods. For one, tattoos involve much deeper penetration of the skin becuase tattoo ink is deposited into the subcutaneous tissue. 

On the other hand, scalp pigments only go as deep as the dermal layer of the skin. This means that micro scalp pigmentation fades more naturally and more quickly than a traditional tattoo. Choosing a good Scalp Micro Pigment will ensure that your client’s micro scalp pimentation lasts as long as possible.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Scalp Pigments in Europe?

  • EU REACH Compliant Formulation: First and foremost, if you are a PMU or scalp pigmentation artist in Europe, you are likely already aware of the stringent EU REACH Regulations placed on products that go into the skin like tattoo ink, permanent makeup pigments, and scalp pigments. It is not worth risking your business or reputation on pigments that are not EU Reach Compliant. Always choose EU REACH Compliant pigments like Quantum PMU Platinum Label Scalp Micro Pigments.
  •  Scalp PigmentsHigh-Quality, Safe Ingredients: Some traditional tattoo inks and scalp pigments contain heavy metals which can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems. A reputable manufacturer of scalp pigments will be transparent about the ingredients they use. At Quantum, we are proud that all of our ingredients are natural, organic, vegan, and kosher. You can find our ingredients listed on our website. Additionally, we make Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for our products in 27 languages.
  • Medical-Grade Sterilization and Testing: Because we value your client’s safety, Quantum’s scalp pigments undergo sterilization at an industry-leading sterilization facility used by medical and pharmaceutical companies. The products are then tested to ensure that they are free of harmful mold, bacteria, yeast, viruses, or other pathogens. This process makes Quantum PMU Colors some of the safest scalp pigments on the market.
  • Easy to Understand Color Options: Color options that are clearly labeled and easy to understand are of the utmost importance, especially when buying scalp pigments online. Each pigment description should include the undertone so that you can determine whether it is the right match for your client. Quantum PMU Colors offers downloadable, easy to follow Color Charts that list which skin tones and undertone are a good match for that color.
  • Broad Selection of Mixable Colors: Especially if you are just starting out, you are going to need a broad selection of colors. Using the same brand for all colors is optimal because it allows you to custom-blend pigments to match your client’s natural hair color and skin tone. With a customizable micro scalp pigmentation set and an excellent mixing soltion, you can create the perfect color for each and every client.
  • High Level of Pigmentation: Because micro scalp pigmentation does not go as deep as traditional tattooing, it is prone to fading faster. Choosing a highly-pigmented formula like Quantum’s provides the longest lasting results possible with scalp pigments.
  • European Shipping Location: While there are a number of micro scalp pigmentation manufacturers to choose from, the shipping to Europe from the country of origin can become cost prohibitive. That is why Quantum has a location in The Netherlands dedicated to shipping scalp pigments and permanent makeup pigments to our customers in Europe and the UK. We also have a list of authorized distributors around the world that can make shipping to your location less expensive and faster.

Why Quantum PMU Colors Is the Best Choice for Scalp Pigments in Europe

Quantum PMU Colors ticks every box on the list of characteristics that make scalp pigments exceptional and convenient for European artists. From our compliance with EU REACH Regulations and our commitment to safe ingredients to the wide selection of colors and the high level of pigmentation, Quantum is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing the best scalp pigments in Europe and beyond.

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